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Jessi McConnell

Photographer | Content Creator


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A Bit About Me

Oh, hey!

My name is Jessi, I'm 30 something, and I live in Ontario, Canada.

I am a full time freelance photographer and have been running my own business since 2018.  One of my favourite types of projects to work on is branding shoots for local businesses.  My experience with this type of work has lead me to the world of UGC in hopes that I can expand my scope of work and provide a variety or brands from across the world with quality content.

When I'm not working on a project, you can find me hiking or sitting around a fire with a craft beer.  While travel hasn't been much of an option for the last bit, my partner and I like to scope out new trails/campsites in our area and we try to explore as often as possible.  To me, the outdoors and content creation really go hand in hand.


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