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5 Tips for Surviving your First Boudoir Session

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

So you've taken the leap and booked yourself a boudoir session, congrats! Let's be

real here, boudoirs are A W K W A R D at first, but here are some tips to help you feel more comfortable during your session:

Model: Cassandra Mouco (@cassandramouco) | Studio: Ash Photography Studio (@ashphotographystudio)

1. Bring Multiple Outfits

Don't limit yourself to only one option when it comes to clothing. As the session progresses, I can guarantee you'll be comfortable enough to bare a little more skin than you were at the beginning. I recommend bringing a casual outfit to start with. Maybe a more "comfy" pair of underwear and a cami /kimono/robe. This will be a great place to start and as your confidence builds up you can change into those risque options!

If you aren't feeling comfortable enough to change from your first outfit, that's okay! At least you'll be content in what you're wearing instead of stuck with only one set!

2. Choose Your Photographer Wisely

I recommend going with a female photographer if this is your first time shooting. There are plenty of great male boudoir photographer's out there but it's definitely more of a comfortable experience to shoot with a female. Regardless, make sure you feel comfortable with that photographer! The last thing you want to is to feel objectified or unconfident during your shoot. Find someone that hypes you up, makes you laugh, and keeps the experience light hearted!

Model: Alyssa Allen (@nailditbyalyssa) | Studio: Ash Photography Studio (@ashphotographystudio)

3. Bring a Friend

I cannot express enough how beneficial it is to bring a friend or a S/O to your session. Bring someone that will act as a cheerleader for you and help guide you through your shoot.

Bonus Points if they make you laugh!

4. Plan Ahead

I'm positive you've heard of a handy dandy website called Pinterest. Let me guess, you're on it all the time pinning recipes and fitness routines? Well, now is your time to shine!

Pop onto Pinterest or Instagram as prep for your shoot. Look up poses you might like to try and pin inspiration photos for you and your photographer! This will take a lot of pressure off of you since you'll have some go to moves to work with and your photographer will be able to direct you a little easier.

Model: Kaitlyn Vickery (@kaitlynvickery) | Studio: Ash Photography Studio (@ashphotographystudio)

5. Loosen Up!

This isn't necessarily something I recommend to EVERYONE but I think a lot of people can benefit from this for sure...


Bring a small bottle of wine or mimosas to your session so you can relax a little easier!

Just make sure you enjoy your beverages responsibly or you might end up with awkward drunk photos which isn't ideal for you, your photographer, or anyone else seeing the images!


So there you have it. A few simple tips to help cam your nerves leading up to your session. If you're dabbling with the idea of booking a boudoir session but you haven't yet, just go for it! It's extremely rewarding and empowering. Who doesn't love glamorous shots of themselves?!

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