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Branding Photography Contract

Jess the Snapper

The following contract outlines the terms that the business or individual seeking service(hereby acknowledged as "the client(s)") (including representatives of the company) and Jessi McConnell, aka Jess the Snapper (hereby acknowledged as "the photographer(s)") must agree to. Should either party disagree to these terms, the session date will be released and the photographer(s) will no longer be obligated to fulfill the services.


This contract has been separated into sections for easy reading. Please ensure to read each section carefully to avoid any disappointment or conflict.



If booking further than 30 days out, a retainer of 40% of the total package price is due upon the signing of this contract. This retainer is non-refundable. The remaining 60% of the package is due on the date of the session.  If booking within a 30 day window, the full amount is due on the date of the session.

Photos will not be delivered prior to payment being received.

Session Planning:

The client(s) is(are) responsible for planning the session.  The client(s) and photographer(s) may work together to create a concept if necessary.  Props/set design/etc. are the responsibility of the client(s).  The photographer(s) is(are) responsibly solely for photography/videography services.

Photo Delivery Details:

The photographer(s) will provide the client(s) with the amount of images/footage outlined in the package being booked.  Photos from larger branding packages will be selected by the photographer(s).  Photos from smaller packages may be selected by either the photographer(s) or the client(s).  Photos/footage will be delivered in a private online gallery.  The online gallery will remain active for a minimum of 1 month to allow the client(s) ample time to download the content.


The photographer(s) will keep ALL RAW files and retouched JPEG images on a hard drive for at least 6 months following the session. After this period, the photographer will keep only the retouched JPEG images for an additional minimum of 6 months (1 year total). The photographer(s) recommends that the client(s) make at least one backup of their images immediately upon gallery delivery to ensure they do not lose their images in the event of system failure, natural disaster, etc. Photo backup past 1 year of the event date is the sole responsibility of the client(s).


At no time will an un-retouched or RAW image be provided to the client(s).

Model Release:

The client(s) is(are) responsible for acquiring written consent from all models working on the session unless otherwise discussed with the photographer(s).




Photo Editing & Posting:

The client(s) understand that they have seen previous work from the photographer(s) and have a general idea of the editing and shoot style and thus will not expect their photos to be presented differently from previous work.  Light blemish removal and general 'clean up' will be included, but extensive post procession such as skin retouching, extensive background cleanup, object removal, etc. can be requested for an additional fee.

When posting photos to social media accounts or website, the client(s) are absolutely not to add any kind of filter or further editing to the photos provided. If the client(s) would like specific photos to be revised, please contact the photographer(s) to request a quote.


1 revision per session is included.  Please be very clear about what you are looking for to avoid revisions.

Copyright & Usage:

The copyright of all photographs remains with the photographer(s).. The Photographer(s) release the right for the client(s) to use the provided images in perpetuity on their social media accounts and company website.  This does not include sponsored posts, advertising, print for marketing, etc.


Photos from this session may be posted to the photographer(s) social media platforms and website/portfolio.

Harassment/Safety Policy:

The photographer(s) reserve the right to depart the session should they be subject to harassment or assault from any event guest or party member at any time, or should the work conditions be unsafe for the photographer(s). If this occurs, no refund will be provided to the client(s).

Cancellation, Damage, Sickness & Breaks:

Should the client(s) cancel the session or no longer need the services of the photographer(s) after full payment has been made, no refund will be given. Should the client(s) cancel the session or no longer need the services of the photographer(s) before full payment has been made, the retainer will not be refunded but the client(s) will no longer be obligated to pay the remaining balance. Should the photographer(s) be unable to attend the session for any controllable reason, a full refund will be given to the client(s).


If the photographer(s) cannot perform this agreement due to severe/contagious ill health, fire, casualty, strike or other civil disturbances, “Acts of God”, including but not limited to, road closures, severe traffic, fire, terrorism, severe weather, or other causes beyond the control of the parties, then the photographer(s) shall return any moneys paid by the client(s), less retainer fee, but shall have no further liability with respect to the agreement. This limitation of liability shall also apply in the event that photographic materials are damaged, lost through camera malfunction, compact flash card malfunction, or otherwise lost or damaged without the fault on the part of the photographer(s). In the event of damaged/lost work, a reshoot will be arranged at no further expense to the client(s).


Additional Options and Fees:

Additional Hours On Set - $350/hr

Travel (by car) - $60/hr

Additional Photo Revisions - from $25/image

Additional Video Revisions - from $100

Backdrop & Lighting Setup - from $150

Advertising Rights - from $150/image

Additional options and fees may be discussed as they come up between the client(s) and photographer(s).

Thanks for submitting!

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