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Looking to enhance your rental's presence on social media or for updated photos for your listing pages?  You're in the right place!​


My name is Jessi. I am photographer/content creator based out of Waterloo Ontario and I want to help you share your space and the area around it with your future guests.

Why do you need content?

I'm not going to lie to you and tell you that you absolutely  need to be sharing photos of your rental or what the area is like.  But let's be real, we live in a social (media) world and showing off your space in a neat and visually pleasing way is a sure fire way to get people interested in renting your property.

High quality images/videos are an important way to show people that you are operating a professional and clean rental.  Studies say we only have 20 seconds to keep someone's attention.  If you aren't prioritizing high quality photos and videos of your property, there is a high likelihood that potential guests will move onto a competitor who does.

Is Instagram that important?


Unfortunately, kinda.

If you've got great reviews and images posted to your listing pages, then you likely aren't struggling too much to get bookings.  However, people do love to browse Instagram for potential stays!  Maintaining a presence on IG is the best way to consistently show off all that your rental has to offer and draw the attention of potential guests.

Using Instagram doesn't have to be hard!  Hire photographers, collab with creators, and share your guest's content when they tag you!

Hey, hi, hello!

I'm 31 and I am a photographer/content creator based in Southern Ontario.

My partner, Teagan, and I spend our time eating food, exploring our local area, and photographing everything we can!

I've been freelancing since 2018 and I love to create content and memories for businesses and people.  My partner and I mainly shoot weddings at the moment but our heart lies within travel and landscape photography.

  • Instagram
  • Youtube

Rates & Details


The Biggy

In this package, my partner and I will spend two (2)  evenings in your rental space.  During this time we will take photos and video clips for you to use on your social media channels as well as on your listing pages.  The content provided will include a mix of 'typical' shots as well as lifestyle content of us enjoying the property.  Expect about 50 images and enough clips to make 2 IG reels.  We'll also be making our own reels which you are either free to share or we can post as a collaborative post with your account!

want to show off your space with a group?  We're like...kinda popular.  We can get more people.  Just ask us!


Just the Gram

This is ideal if you are just looking to keep your IG fresh.  My partner and I will spend two (2)  evenings in your rental and capture our real life experiences during the stay.  We will provide you with 25 images and enough video clips to make at least 1 IG reel.



Additional Overnight Stays: $300 per night (accounts for additional content)

Local Experience: To be covered by host

Long Form Video (shot horizontally): $450+


More Examples

Wanna see more examples of my relevant work before we connect?  I got you!

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