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I'm 30.  I'm bored.  And honestly, I can't make up my mind.

My interest in photography began during the <3 Myspace<3 days when I was a young teenager.  I started with a typical point and shoot for those coveted selfies until my dad gifted me a dslr for Christmas when I was 16.  I went on to use this camera to mostly shoot bands at our single music venue.  I never learned how to actually use the camera.  After graduating high school in Stratford, Ontario, I moved to KW.  I spent the next few years bouncing around multiple jobs and going to school for 2 separate programs that I am not using literally at all.  Okay well, I'm kind of  using my bookkeeping cert.

In 2017 I made the decision to circle back to photography.  I got a new mirrorless camera (and actually learned how to use it this time).  I spent 89485 hours (dramatic) learning how to shoot and edit.  I sucked.  For a while.  Sometimes I still suck, honestly. 

In 2018 I got canned from my job and decided I may as well give full time freelancing a go.  I haven't looked back since.  I've spent the last few years updating my gear and navigating my craft.  Aside from branding/product/personal photos, I also shoot weddings and lifestyle projects with my partner.

As I get older, I get more excited to do weirder things and really work on setting my work apart from other photographers in my area.  I like to experiment with different photography and graphic trends.  Learning weird new things is something I do frequently and this keeps my work from feeling stagnant and 'stuck'. 


I really just want to make people look cool on the internet and feel good about themselves and their work.  

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